There’s a word that really gets me excited when a couple drop me a line; Hackney! But Dalston, Stoke Newington, London Fields, Victoria Park, Shoreditch are also acceptable. What I love about east London weddings are the unusual venues… converted Victorian town houses, dilapidated factories, condemned warehouses, forgotten pubs… made new again by an original idea, a sense of fun and a spirit for adventure… much, in my mind, like Super 8! The Roost pub is just that, ‘We wanted to keep the wedding local and felt a fancy house in the country wouldn’t feel like us or have any connection to who we were. We first saw The Roost on a blog and it was the only venue we visited. We knew it would be the perfect party house and had such a laid back vibe. I loved how there were pockets of rooms people could wander off too and how each floor would host a different stage of the day. The venue made the day feel really homely, a bit like a house party.’ View full post »

Heading south east from London, toward Dover, the land begins to rise and dip, then suddenly you are out in it, all that green countryside, almost water colour, those perfect little hamlets, those winding roads leading down toward the English channel. In the midst of all that splendor was The Old Rectory, the family home, and the venue for Lucy and Max’s wedding day. ‘We got married at my family home because for us there was no more meaningful or special place to say ‘I do’ in front of all our family and friends.  I spent so many happy days there – in childhood and as an adult View full post »

  • Jay Archer - I so loved working on this wedding with you Mark, thank you so much for capturing such a beautiful memoir of the day.

    Jay (the florist).


    • markwbrown - aw Hey Jay! Lovely working with you also! You did such a beautiful job. see you soon xxxxxReplyCancel

  • Max Kuenssberg - hey Mark!

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU so much for the film – I must have watched it 10 times yesterday. Such a work of art and I can’t wait to see even more footage! I had forgotten that you were still around for the start of the dancing so it was amazing to see that action!

    Thanks again mate – your work is legendary!


    • markwbrown - Aw Max… thank you mate, that’s really lovely to hear. Thank you for having me!ReplyCancel

What it is I love about making these films is the never ending stream of wonderful people I get to spend my days with. On the 16th of August 2014 I joined Siobhan & James, their friends and family, on a Victorian carousel in the late summer sun celebrating love; love of friends, love of family, love of good food, strong drink, favourite songs, questionable dance moves, and of course love of love! Preston Court played host, and it is always such a pleasure filming there, ‘The venue was perfect for us because it felt like home. Not that we live in a large country house but, because it felt warm and welcoming without screaming wedding venue! It’s got character, quirky twists and has love in the air, just like our home.’ View full post »

  • Chloe - I am so against people foregoing a professional photographer (for obvious reasons) but if you’re not going to have a photographer, you bloody well better have you there doing this. So beautiful and so personal and a brilliant choice of soundtrack too.ReplyCancel

    • markwbrown - awww thank you Chloe! that means a lot coming from you xxxReplyCancel

Hampton Manor is a boutique hotel nestled in the quaint town of Hampton in Arden, boasting beautiful, big and somewhat gothic rooms overlooking the wild landscape of the west midlands. Here Victoria and Richard said their ‘I do’s’ infront of family, friends and my super 8 cameras. ‘When we walked in it had a cosy, elegant, modern feel. It had such character from the outside, it felt grand and old, but the interior felt new and luxurious… and the food was amazing!
It has a quiet village setting and hidden down a long drive, which made it feel like a secret. We loved the fact we could walk between the church and the manor. Outdoor space was important to us, and we could use the lawn all afternoon.’ View full post »

  • Karen Morgan Passion for Flowers - Mark What a beautiful present for Richard, we so loved creating flowers for this perfect wedding. You have captured all the love of the day.
    Karen xReplyCancel

    • markwbrown - Thank you Karen. Excellent work with the flowers xxReplyCancel

  • Chloe - Absolutely, well and truly, utterly soft and romantic and real. It forever amazes me how you manage to so delicately capture each and every single wedding so distinctly. Magic.ReplyCancel

2014 is definitely the year for small, cool and intimate city wedding soirees… a registry office, a favourite hang out and a killer dress… so Chelsea Town Hall and Daphne’s Restaurant were pretty hard to resist! ‘As we are not religious we chose the most beautiful registry office in London with the grand steps (confetti), and the Brydon Room was large enough to have an aisle. We chose Daphne’s Restaurant as we love the restaurant already, it’s close to the town hall but it’s also a long established restaurant, since the 60′s.  We thought the Venetian conservatory which held our wedding reception would fit very well with our Italian theme (lots of Italian guests!) and we were able to play our own music, and of course the food is so delicious there. They also loved our idea of sharing a huge Tiramisu!’
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  • Zoe - We are delighted with this exquisite video. Mark captured us and the mood of the day exactly. We chose Mark simply on the basis of one other film we saw and he was the first thing we organised for our wedding; I knew he ‘got it’. Everything was easy with him and it was a pleasure to have him join us for the party too. Thanks Mark. We can’t wait to share with our close friends and family.
    Zoe and Tom xReplyCancel

    • markwbrown - Thank you so soooo much Zoe, that means the world ;) xxReplyCancel

  • Chloe - Beautiful as ever and I loved your brief appearance during the speeches, too. That should definitely be your signature…ReplyCancel

My second week in Tuscany was spent at the beautiful San Bonifacio hotel… and wow… hidden away off a quiet country road connecting Ribolla to La Pesta, it is the perfect five star setting for a secluded Tuscan wedding party. What could be better? Well… having it planned and designed by one of the best in town, Clara Boatto of Chic Weddings In Italy, who has kindly offered to finish the definition of this very spectacular wedding day… ‘East meets West in Tuscany…a beautiful mix of cultures, traditions and international guests characterised this stunning countryside wedding…
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Last year I was invited to ADVENTURE ALWAYS in LA to create a short film of the event, featuring some of my favourite artists; Jonas Peterson, Ryan Muirhead, Marianne Taylor, Jesh De Rox, Fer Juaristi and many many others. It was incredible to be around these inspiring artists who have shaped my world in one way or another and I feel blessed with the experience. AA is a truly brilliant creative journey, this year it is taking place in sunny Palm Springs, if you are an artist or interested in pursuing a life in the arts it is money well spent. I hope to return soon. Click here to visit their page.

Getting an invitation to film in Tuscany is like receiving a bouquet of flowers… working in super 8 creates an interest in light… and Tuscany, in my opinion, is the best light in the world. Locations such as Castello di Bibbione also help! Nestled in the hills near San Casciano, hidden from the country roads below by an ocean of untamed greenery and with views reaching out toward the Monte Serra mountains and all that wild Chianti country in between, it was easy to see why Natalie and Chris chose this location to celebrate their love. ‘It is architecturally stunning, set against the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Understated onsite chapel, amazing views across the terrace for reception drinks and a secret castle courtyard location for dinner and dancing. Only an hour from Pisa and we could accommodate everyone onsite. Plus, we absolutely loved it!! We are planning to return for our first anniversary!’ -Natalie View full post »

  • Lisa - Mark… what can I say.. Your work is unbelievable. I loved working with you this summer and I can’t wait to see you again in September!

    AAAAAH so talented!!! Big hugs from me and Gian :) ReplyCancel

    • markwbrown - Thank you so much Lisa! I’m looking forwrad to seeing your pictures, I know they are going to be beautiful! Here’s to the September reunion xReplyCancel

  • Natalie Tyson - Thank you so much Mark for capturing our beautiful day so beautifully. We wish we could relive the whole day again and thanks to your lovely film, we can! We can’t wait to see the long version! XxReplyCancel

Wedding’s don’t come any more perfect than this. The last time I visited Larmer tree was as photographer with Seasick Steve at end of the road festival a few years back… and wow did it look different! The beautiful chaos of a three day music fest had given way to an all new kind of beautiful… and with it the celebration of Maxine and Anthony’s wedding day. ‘When Ant and I first visited Larmer Tree we fell in love with the breathtaking grounds. As we wandered round each of its unique and quirky nooks and crannies it became clear from our silence that we were each trying to telepathically tell the other that this was the one. With a superb balance of romantic decadence and laid back festival vibes… it was the perfect place to start the most fantastic journey of our lives.’ View full post »

  • Maxine Borkett - Covered in goosebumps and reduced to tears. Everything I had ever dreamed this of being and so much more. Thank you so much Mark for being part of our day and making our memories look so utterly beautiful.

    Big Love!

    Mrs B xxxReplyCancel

    • markwbrown - Thank you Maxine. That means the world xxReplyCancel

  • Charley | London Bride - Utterly magical and so romantic (and I do love this venue). Really like the sweet kissing moments with the family and friends and the bride is just captivating! So nice they were able to dance away outside, looks perfect xReplyCancel

  • Crystal - oooh wow. simply utterly WOW. This is beautiful. congratulations MaxineReplyCancel

  • Britt Spring - Wow wow wow. everything about this film is perfect. The couple, that DRESS, the light and your beautifully romantic eye. what a pleasure to watch! BxReplyCancel

Preston Court in Canterbury is always a pleasure to visit, it flourishes charm, and it looks so damned pretty on super 8! The steam engines, the vintage merry-go-round, the barn, the rolling countryside… It’s hard to resist the call. Bina and Danny felt the same, ‘we found Preston court online and went to see it… straight away we both knew that was the place. It was something different and fun, but we could still have the religious aspect with the beautiful St Mildred’s church.’ View full post »